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Arlington Museum of Art
October 20, 2023 - January 7, 2024

Hard On Guns, Gold and God is a group of selected sculptures and installations arching a decade of artworks to a new artistic focus.  The idea of bringing these samples together from previous series and future ones came from the museum's current theme of "Legacy."

chosen artworks from past series

Blind Faith

This sculpture was not created as part of a specific series.  However, it illustrates Vallarino's interests on topics of faith and fire arms.

Bernardo Vallarino, Blind Faith, mixed media installation, 2015. $2100.00.JPG
Pedacitos de Paz 
2016- ongoing

"Pedacitos de Paz" is primarily an installation featuring mounds of white commemorative ribbons inundating a small desk with a desktop magnifying glass. The ribbons are added every time a new tragedy spawned by violence takes place. The purpose of this installation is to illustrate the duplicity of human’s attitudes towards peace and how violence cannot be stopped by the futile actions of thinking, wishing and praying. Conceptually, each commemorative ribbon represents any of those ephemeral actions that are incapable of real change.

Tarjetas con Pedacitos de Paz para las Victimas de Violencia Armada

La Plegaria, el Pensamiento y el Deseo de Paz Más Importante

Simpatia Sin Compasion 

A series of sculptures and installations linked to the ongoing plight of millions of migrants displaced by violence throughout the world.

Bernardo Vallarino,World Flag, 2017, Cloth, gold Leaf, sanctified sacramental wine, flag p
Bernardo Vallarino,World Flag (detail), 2017, Cloth, gold Leaf, sanctified sacramental win

World Flag

The Butterfly Case

The Butterfly Case is a series of mixed media sculptures, installations, and other interdisciplinary artworks merging religious elements with components of entomological displays. These artworks touch on themes of apathy, racism, and classicism towards groups including minorities, migrants, and the houseless through ornate, precious, doctrine-evoking displays.

Bernardo Vallarino, Rationalizing Beads (Anglican Rosary count), 2022, Hand Picked coffee

Rationalizing Beads ( Anglican rosary bead count)


All life is sacred and must be protected, no human is inherently more important than another, and though we may look different from one another, the infinite nature of the Divine means that we are all equally created

A Responce to a Pandemic

A series of works inspired by the greed, hate, bias, racism, intolerance, and apathy, demonstrated by individuals, and certain groups, as pressures from the pandemic affected our communities. 

Bernardo Vallarino,Fuck Protection Confussion, Mixed Media, 27.5x18x2.5, $2150.JPG

Fuck Protection Confusion

Bernardo Vallarino, Phallic Fixation, mixed-media, 36x4x6, 2021.jpg

 Phallic Fixation 

artworks for new future series

Bugging Fetish

The artworks and series of works from this new conceptual path are driven by merging the dual meaning of the word "fetish"  (an object believed to have magical powers of protection or luck aiding the one who holds it, as well as the sexual fascination with an object, body part, or sexual act) in order to describe our global relationship with fire arms.  

Bernardo Vallarino, Indecent Exposure, 2023, Mixed media, 24x24x30. $8500.jpg

 Indecent Exposure

El Martirio de Venus, 2022, 120x60x72in, Casket flag, oil paint, gold leaf, and other mixe

El Martirio de Venus ( collaboration with Ariel Davis) 

A series of tattooed and flocked mannequins.

Wet dreams of a Golden Idol.jpg

Wet dreams of a Golden Idol

A series of wearables and photographs inspired by this painting.



A series of substantially sized works inspired by S&M objects.


1. Glock 17L

A series of equally produced collage paintings as 1. Glock 17L

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