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2020 - 2021

At the beginning of the pandemic , I did not think I would be addressing the pandemic with my artwork because the suffering brought about by COVID-19 was not the result of human violence. However, as economic pressures began to increase, certain social selfish attitudes and actions (mainly in the US) began to arise and worsen. These behaviors, where money outweighs safety, have inspired a small body of work addressing three main topics:


  • The first topic engages with the notion that the wellbeing of a stable economy supersedes the wellbeing of the elderly.

  • The second topic addresses the blunt, and in some cases armed, disobedience of certain communities towards social precautionary guidelines meant to save lives using economic hardship as an excuse.

  • And lastly, the life-threatening uneven social and legal standing between whites and minorities, driven by fears of losing economic superiority. 

"We are not only suffering from COVID-19 but we are also suffering from a pandemic of greed, hate, bias, racism, intolerance, and apathy"

                                                                - Vallarino


These images are from installations and artworks already exhibited in previous art shows and exhibitions.

A Sample Study on the True Colors of Diverse Individuals

"New Normal" - Grant Project

For the NEW NORMAL grant art show, "Sundance Stroll" I decided to create facemasks with $100 bills on them meant to be worn over the eyes as a blindfold rather than over the nose and mouth. I did so because I felt that most of our collective decisions regarding the pandemic were mainly based on economics rather than the genuine care for the health of our community. In order to obtain a better picture of this topic, I decided to photograph and interview a diverse group of people wearing the masks. Since they were not looking at the interviewer's physical responses or the camera the models were able to be fairly genuine with their answers. These are our neighbors, and these are their raw interviews.

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