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artist statement

Human suffering, violence, abuse of power, politics, control, and hypocrisy are themes I explore in my work. These topics are all part of a larger social commentary regarding the disposable way human life is treated. Around the world, individuals are seen and treated as disposable, expendable, or undesirable especially in times of social unrest. I describe this disregard for human lives by overlaying concepts regarding the perceived worth of “the others" with metaphors related to vermin a common analogy used throughout history to strip others of their humanity. In addition to this metaphorical association, insects and entomology also inspire elements of anonymity, plurality, scale, presentation, and identification. I design the installations and sculptures to be emotionally immersive and morally engaging with the intent to pay tribute to the victims, bring awareness to their suffering, the issues that affect them, and ultimately inspire action or activism.

"It is part of the human experience to avoid pain and humanity prefers to ignore painful truths rather than to confront them. As an artist addressing social issues, I feel a responsibility to create artworks that evoke questions with respect to our own behaviors towards others"

                                                     Colombian-American mixed-media sculptor Bernardo Vallarino

Bernardo Vallarino Headshot
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