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En sus Rostros 


En sus Rostros is a series of digitally altered images of migrant groups from around the world sourced from major journalistic sources. The eyes of every individual in each image has been covered with white boxes reading Morse code (S.O.S).  The handmade shelves that prop each image also provide a magnifying glass with the intent to entice viewers to investigate the deliberate action of covering thousands of eyes; and while doing so, also witness the expressions of fear, anger, despair, abandonment, loneliness, etc. of the victims.   Complementing these images, there is an installation of 36,967 pages of white paper printed each with 1,853 SOSs; a literal depiction of the 70.1 million people displaced by violence in 2018. The printed pages are pined (as many as possible) to walls, the rest are piled up on a white table.  With my artworks, I always strive to engage my audience visually but also morally and philosophically with the goal to inspire action.


These images are from installations and artworks already exhibited in previous art shows and exhibitions.


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