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sin ti 

(Without you) 
2016 - PRESENT

"Pedacitos de Paz" is an installation featuring mounds of white commemorative ribbons inundating a small desk with a desktop magnifying glass. Ribbons are added every time a new tragedy spawned by violence takes place. The purpose of this installation is to illustrate the duplicity of human’s attitudes towards peace and how violence cannot be stopped by the futile actions of thinking, wishing and praying. Conceptually, each commemorative ribbon represents any of those ephemeral actions that are incapable of real change. Due to this metaphor the artwork has the potential of filling almost any space. These ideas are communicated by inundating the space with an overwhelming number of ghostly lit ribbons. The sterile fluorescent light is emitted by the magnifying glass and works as a sort of insect attracting light beaconing to be looked through. The up close exploration of a few of these objects is essential, as it emphasizes the moot point of the ribbons. Pedacitos de Paz advocates for active participation of reducing at any level the violence that plagues our cities, our countries, and our world.

Refugees Services of Texas. - Refugee Day 
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